Current Lectures And Research Papers 2020- 2021
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Current Lectures and Research Papers 2020- 2021
Current Lectures and Research Papers 2020- 2021

The Importance of Mesopotamia
-“A History of Mathematics: From Mesopotamia to Modernity”

The research provides an overview of the historical, social, technological and economic importance of early Mesopotamia.

Stephanie Dalley's "Myths Of Mesopotamia" And Homer's "

Kingship is a primary component of both Stephanie Dalley's Myths Of Mesopotamia and Homer's The Odyssey.

Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt: Differing Interpretations

The research concentrates on archaeological record from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Includes the methodology for the research.

The Sarakatsani Of Mesopotamia & Modern Gypsies in Rome

This research provides an overview of the Sarakatsani of Mesopotamia, -- who are the forbearers of contemporary Gypsies in Rome. 

Egypt and Mesopotamia Comparison

The research compares and contrasts the geography, society and laws of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.
The Temple-State System in Egypt and Mesopotamia.
This 3 page paper discusses the temple-state system that became in the ancient Near East and the differences between the system in Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Agriculture and Mesopotamia

The research examines why agriculture was the most significant contribution, made in Mesopotamia civilization. 

Egypt and Mesopotamia: Geography

It examines the geographical influence on the political and intellectual outlooks of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

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