Events 2020
Events 2020
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Events 2020
President of Hungary János Ader welcomed the Our BEN MAAS and IETO delegation..
START : 1 Ocak 2020
FINISH : 31 Aralık 2020

Our Member of the Board Dr Asif Iqbal with Dalai Lamma on Peeace Conference

His Holiness Dalai Lama sharing dialogue with delegates from over the globe on the concept of global peace and sharing the essence of contribution to the society and making your environment more peaceful.

President of Hungary János Ader welcomed the Our BEN MAAS and IETO delegation. Previously Mr Ader served as speaker of the National Assembly from 1998 to 2002 and deputy chairman of the European Parliament committee together with our Committee member Dr Asif Iqbal

Member of our Academy Prof Dr Kokunre A. Agbontaen-Eghafona Nigerian female professor, in our Humanities and Arts committee has been  also appointed as a new member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (PASS) in the Vatican by Pope Francis.

Austin A Mardon, CM, KCSS, FRSC, FRCGS

Assistant Adjunct Professor, Department of Psychiatry & John Dossetor Health Ethics Centre, University of Alberta; Special Advisor, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital


PO Box 99548 Cromdale PO

Edmonton, Alberta T5B0E1




MARDON, Austin, C.M., M.Sc., M.Ed., Ph.D., LL.D., K.C.S.S., F.R.S.C., F.R.C.G.S.; geographer, writer, researcher; b. Edmonton, Alta.; s. Ernest and May Mardon; m. Catherine d. late Bernard and Dorthy A.; e. St Patricks Elementary School, st Mary's Junior High SchoolCatholic Central H.S., Lethbridge, Alta., 1978, 1979; Invergordon Acad., Rosshire, Scotland, 1978; Univ. of Grenoble Dipl. in French 1979; Univ. of Lethbridge B.A. 1985; Univ. of Alberta & Univ. of Calgary; South Dakota State Univ. M.Sc. 1988; Texas A&M Univ. M.Ed. 1990; Univ. of North Dakota grad. work 1990; Greenwich Univ. Ph.D. 2000; Newman Theological Coll. grad. work 2001, '03, '05, '10; post grad. studies, Kharkov Nat. Univ. 2002–04; Univ. of S. Africa postgrad. studies 2007–09; Bridges Mental Health Peer Support Training Prog., Pathways AHS 2008; ADJ. PROF., DEPT. OF PSYCHIATRY, UNIV. OF ALBERTA 2015–  , PRES., ANTARCTIC INST. OF CANADA 1985–   (Pres. and Dir. 1991–  ; Internship Co-ord. 2014–  ); Primary Army Reserves (Artillery) 1981, 1984–85; Rsch. Scientist, NASA/NSF Antarctica 1986–87; mem., USARP Meteorite Recovery Expedition, Antarctica 1986–87; Historical Researcher, Alta. Culture & Multiculturalism 1989–90; Freelance Writer 1991–  ; Editor, RTAJ Fry Press 1990–97; Shoestring Press 1990–97; Golden Meteorite Press 1997–  ; Geophysical Cons., Stargate Rsch. Lab. (Calif.) 1999–2003, (Idaho) 2003–04, (Calif.) 2004–07; Asst. Prog. Mgr., Alta. Mental Health Self Help Network 1999–2005; Adj. Fac. Mem., Greenwich Univ., Australia 2000–04, Greenwich Univ., Hawaii 2003–04; Adj. Fac. Mem., Univ. of Alberta John Dossetor Health Ethics Centre 2001, Dept. of Psych. 2012–18; Sr. Rsch. Fellow, Internat. Noble Acad. 2003; Hon. Prof., Penza State Pedagogical Univ., Russia 2005–09; Adj. Fac., Akamai Univ., Hawaii 2004–  ; Asst. Adj. Fac., Dept. of Psychiatry, Faculty of Med., U of Alta. 2015; Adj. Instr., AMU-APUS, West Va. 2005–06; Guest Lectr., Grant MacEwan Coll., Psychiatric Nursing Dept. 2010–  ; Special Adv. and Guest Lectr., Glenrose Hosp., Edmonton 2011–  ; Chair/Co-chair, Clubhouse Soc. of Edmonton & Area - Prosper Place 1993–99; mem., Unsung Heroes, Edmonton Chap., Schizophrenia Soc. of Alta. 1993–2006 (Chair/Co-chair 1995–2005); Provincial Ctte. Mem., Provincial Clubhouse Demonstration Project Ctte. 1996–97; Nat. Bd. Mem., Nat. Network for Mental Health 1999–2000; Adv. Council Mem., Internat. Biographical Ctr. 1999–2007; mem., Russian Acad. of Arts & Sci. 1999–2004; Bd. Mem., Schizophrenia Soc. of Alta. (Edmonton Chap.) 1999–2005, (Provincial Chap.) 2000–04; Chair, Regional Mental Health Adv. Ctte., Capital Region 2000–01 (Bd. Mem. 1999–2005); Trustee, Edmonton Public Library Bd. 2001–06; Bd. Mem., Alta. Disabilities Forum 2004–08 (Vice-Chair, Steering Ctte. 2005–07); Comm. of Space Rsch. COSPAR (ICSU); mem., Low Income Working Group, Alta. Disabilities Forum 2004–07 (Chair 2005–06); mem., Premier's Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities 2005–13; Nat. Bd. Mem., The Champion Centre, Inc. Soc. 2005–07; Vol., Special Projects, Cdn. Mental Health Assn., Alta. Div. 2005–06; Chair, Communications Ctte., Alta. Disabilities Forum 2006–07; Chair, Local Edmonton Adv. Ctte., Champion's Centre 2006–11; Public Mem., Services Integration Ctte., Alta. Health Services 2008–09; Public Bd. Mem., Alta. Coll. of Social Workers 2009–14, Social Action & Social Justice Ctte. 2010–14, Finan. Ctte. 2010–14; Ctte. Mem., Implementation Team, Alta. Hosp.-Edmonton 2009–10; Ctte. Mem., Mental Health, Covenant Mental Health 2010–13; Mem. (Alta. Depy. Min. apptd.) Addiction and Mental Health Strategy Ctte. 2010–11; Mem., Working Group, AHW/AHS Addicition and Mental Health Strategy 2011; Mem., Mental Health Sub-Ctte., Cdn. Accreditation Council 2011; with the Pope in Rome 6 Nov. 2019; Home: Suite 103, 11919 82nd St. NW, Edmonton, AB  T5B 2W4.


Our Member Dr Alisa Eshet Moses with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India 

Ambassador Dr. Haitham Bou-said is a UN representative board 

at the International Human Rights Council with a position of Special envoy 


The Commissioner of the Middle East at the International Commission for Human Rights, Ambassador Haitham Abu Said, told the International News Agency for Human Rights that the recent decisions and positions taken by the Emir of the State of Qatar are very important especially regarding the rights and political oppressors and granting them asylum under the decision of the Prince Diwan.Ambassador Abu Said considered that the decision to protect human rights defenders and not to be subjected to any prosecution, imprisonment or torture in their work or to express opinions on the subject of my rights is in the decision taken by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in September 2018 following his request from all officials working in The ICRC placed it in the state of law.

Dr Kota Atul (Architect) with famous reputed Stage Artist, 

Author/Dancer Ms.Aleya KASSAM from Kenya

Dr Varun Gupta receives award in Mumbai on the basis of his contribution towards education 

H.E UNESCO Laureate World Acclaimed Distinguished Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu

From left H E UNESCO Laureate Prof Sir Bashiru Aremu The Vice Chancellor Crown University Int'l Chartered Inc, Emir of Damaturu Shehu Hashim, Dr M A Quyum a member Board of Trustees Crown University Int'l Chartered Inc

Dr Afekouh Mbarak  our member in arts committee 

Our Member Dr Mubarak Afekouh with

Minister of Health and addiction prevention – CANADA

Our Member Dr Afekouh with head of Socialist party of Morocco

Dr Afekouh with Abbas Ridwan Member of Parliament  , Ghana 

Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga Spokesperson for Delhi BJP



Pope meets with mental health professionals helping those with schizophrenia - EWTN News Nightly

The Order Of Canada – L’Ordre de Canada – Ottawa –by our Member Austin Mardon

India needs to contribute more in medical tourism: by our Member Asif Iqbal

Educação Americana & a Unilogos Our Member Dr Gabriel Lopez Chancellor of Logos University  gives a speech in Portuguese


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GENERAL INFORMATION who we are? The Mesopotamian Academy of Arts and Sciences (BEN MAAS) is a nongovernmental, Mesopotamian region association committed to promoting scientific and societal progress. Founded in 2020 as a learned society, our members are leading scientists, artists, and practitioners of governance, who are dedicated to innovative research, interdisciplinary and transnational collaboration as well as the exchange and dissemination of knowledge on Mesopotamian history and culture. Academy members are elected for their outstanding achievements in science, arts, and governance.


EVENTS 2020 

• August Interdisciplinary symposium “Ancient and modern cultures and Society in Mesopotamian region ”, Mesopotamian music (evening reception), Baghdad

• Festive Session 2020 (inauguration of new members) New Delhi India

• Prize of Distinguished Leadership award 

• “The Yeziditesin Iraq ” Baghdad

• Religious Diplomacy - Christian-Muslim dialogue, Nigeria

• The Mesopotamian Academy of Sciences and Arts BEN MAAS shall: 

• Identify and analyzeMesopotamian region challenges 

• Provide advice to Mesopotamian institutions wherever the Academy has expertise 

• Develop a culture of collaboration and building bridges 

• Promote transnational / interdisciplinary research and produce significant outputs 

• Strengthen the role of scientific communities and Mesopotamian region scholarship

• Foster cooperation between research and industry 

• Solve complex issues identified as priority for the wellbeing of all Mesopotamians The objectives shall be achieved through: 

• Conferences, symposia, panel discussions 

• Publications 

• Cooperation with universities, scientific institutions and any other organization sharing similar objectives

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