Academy Awards and Medals for Distinguished Scientists

Award for Excellence in Public Policy and Public Affairs
This award, established in 2020, is presented to individuals for their distinction, independence, effectiveness, and work on behalf of the common good. In recognition of his accomplishments, 

Distinguished Leadership Award
This award recognizes individuals who exemplify a legacy of leadership and a dedication to the founding ideals of the Mesopotamian Academy of Arts and Sciences, for dedication and service to the Academy.

Hammurabi Award for Humanistic Studies
Established in 2020 to recognize superior humanistic scholarship as an Award for Humanistic Studies complements the Hammurabi Medal for achievement in literature or cultural studies or ancient Mesopotamian languages.

Amel-Marduk- Man of Marduk Medal
Amel-Marduk (dMarduk, spelled Amēl-Marduk/Amil-Marduk but pronounced Awēl-Marduk/Awîl-Marduk; Hebrew: אֱוִילמְרֹדַךְ, Modern: 'Evīl Mərōdaḵ, Tiberian: 'Éwīl Merōḏaḵ; English: Evil-Merodach), 'man of Marduk' (died c. 560 BC) was the son and successor of Nebuchadnezzar II, king of Babylon.

Established in 2020 to give special recognition to distinguished achievement in the broad field of literature, the prize is awarded to an individual for his or her total literary achievement rather than for a specific work on Mesopotamian studies.

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