HRDC serves the central mission of creating and cultivating a sustainable culture of human rights and democracy.

Our Projects
The Centre is engaged in a number of human rights activities, including:
• Training of government officials in the skills of state reporting to international human rights organizations;
• Research and presentation of papers to the Law Reform and Development Commission on several issues;
• Capacity building and training of law students in the field of human rights;
• Developing a documentation centre for human rights materials;
• Ascertainment of Customary Law in Mesopotamian region countries;
• Modeling United Nation;
• Organizing workshops and conferences on human rights education and advocacy for groups such as: traditional secretaries, law enforcement officers, judges and magistrates

HRDC is funded both publicly and privately. The Beyt Nahrin Mesopotamian Academy (BEN-MAAS) Human rights Development Center provides office facilities, support services and the remuneration of the staff of the Centre. The centre is in cooperation with UNESCO, Raoul Wallenberg Institute – Sweden, United Nation Development Program; and other international sources.

HRDC aims to collect, process and disseminate human rights information in Namibia and Southern Africa

The Scope of our Collection
The materials collected thus far consist of more than 2000 documents including: monographs, reports, newspaper clippings, periodicals as well as selected videos and CD-ROMs. HRDC is a research Centre, which means materials do not circulate outside the building with

Admission to the Centre at the Headquarter Office is open to the general public however, users may be asked to identify themselves by filling in a questionnaire. This information helps the Centre to collect statistical data in order to improve the center’s facilities.

• Direct access to its collection through its publication database, entries in the database can be searched by author, subject, date of publication, publisher or geographic regions.
• Current awareness services to University community members and researchers;
• Selective dissemination of information to lecturers and final year students who are doing their dissertation;
• Newspaper clippings on different human rights issues in Namibia;
• On-Line Resource Services with different databases and websites;
• Provides HIV/AIDS collection
• Photocopying services;
• Video viewing on special request;
• Displaying of human rights publications on different occasions;
• Compiling bibliographic on human rights issues for researchers (on request);
• Electronic library services; and
• Referral services

Dr Alvira Asif
Human Rights chair &Coordinator, Senior Documentalist

The Human Rights Chair and the HRDC works hand-in-hand with other institutions locally and internationally to address human rights and democracy issues. UNESCO chair of Human Rights and Democracy.

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