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Dr Asif IQBAL, President of The Public Policy forum –PPF and IETO - India

The Public Policy Forum (PPF) is an independent, non-profit Mesopotamian region think tank for public-private dialogue. The organization's stated aim is "to serve as a neutral, independent forum for open dialogue on public policy."
The Forum was founded in 2020 by Beyt Nahrin Mesopotamian Academy of Sciences and Arts and a group of public and private sector leaders. The inaugural board meeting took place in Bangalore where members endorsed what became the Forum's credo: that the business of government is too important to leave in the hands of government alone.
In its early years, the Forum brought together leaders from business, the trade union movement, academe and the not-for-profit sector for meetings in cities across India and Arab world as well Africa and EU. The idea was to share perspectives on public sector management questions and discuss ways to build a more collaborative approach to policy making.

The PPF has grown to more than 100 members from business, federal and provincial governments, academia, organized labour and the voluntary and not-for-profit sectors.

Its current President and CEO is Dr Asif IQBAL

The PPF functions primarily as an independent, non-partisan facilitator of multi-sector dialogue.

In conjunction with members and partners from all sectors, the PPF convenes dialogues aimed at producing actionable outcomes in key policy areas, such as: innovation, public engagement, public service and governance.

The PPF regularly produces and publishes research and reports in areas related to its policy dialogues. The Forum also conducts original research in areas such as public service innovation, government leadership, and media.

Annual Events & Awards
Throughout the year the PPF hosts gatherings of senior leadership from all sectors to celebrate excellence in public policy leadership. Four events run annually across Canada:
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TheAuthorTelanganaToday Awards pay tribute to distinguished Canadians who have made an outstanding contribution to the quality of public policy and public management.

President of The Public Policy Forum (PPF) at

Beyt Nahrin Mesopotamian academy of Sciences and Arts

Dr Asif Iqbal is the President of the Indian Economic Trade Organization (IETO) a businessman hailing from Bangalore India. An Architect by profession and as the president of the IETO travels with various customized delegations to bridge the Academic gap between Industry and the Academia. He served as the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Suriname, a country in Latin America that has close relations with India. Asif Iqbal has been bestowed by a Doctorate from the University of Jerusalem in Social Behaviour Management and is a Keynote speaker at various Academic conferences and International summits including the World Economic Forum, Caspian Week, India Africa forum, Summit of Minds and the Paris Peace Forum. Mr. Iqbal is responsible for advising various international clients that need to make key decisions that involve a huge diversity of issues: from budgetary choices, to communication ones; from organizational engineering to productivity issues. He has the experience of dealing with a broad range of stakeholders, both at the internal and external “fronts”: donors, policy makers, media, private sector and the Industry. Having the right balance between academic knowledge and management capacities, He has the skills that are most appropriate for leading an international think tank.

Dr Asif Iqbal commenced as a Director General of the Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce (AACC) and has been leading from the top and organizing think tank dialogues called TAB (Transcending Arabian Borders) A dialogue that brings in together all top businessmen from Arab nations. He also heads the advisory committee of the Chamber for the “Annual Asian Arab Awards” that is held annually and that brings in achievers both the continents of Asian and Arab World. Dr Asif Iqbal plays a diversified role to include import and export of various products from Europe and Arab World. These are niche products that have a absorption gap between various countries like Bocelli Italian wines, Bulgarian Rakia, Israeli wines into India. The Chamber soon expanded to Qatar, Morocco, UAE, Tunisia, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Nepal, Israel Bangladesh and Sri Lanka with honorary country directors reporting to him. He also is director on the board of Indo Pacific Islands Chamber of Commerce and was responsible for taking India’s first ever business delegation to Papua New Guinea and Fiji. During this period bilateral treaties and trade agreements were signed between the two countries.

Dr Asif Iqbal is a director on the Indo Bosnia Chamber of Commerce and led the delegation continuously for 4 years continuously at the Sarajevo Business Forum(SBF), a gathering of top business leaders and State heads of the Eastern European regions. During this time, he has closely been associated with the Indian Embassy, Budapest that is accredited to Bosnia Herzegovina. He has signed MOU’s with the University of Sarejevo and various other chambers of commerce in Bosnia. He was awarded the Sarajevo Mayors Medal for his achievements for building the relations between the two countries. He was also given the state medal by the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in India. He opened the chapters of Indo Bosnia Chambers of commerce in Kashmir, Hyderabad, Orissa and Chennai.

Dr Asif led the delegation to Kingdom of Morocco which was invited by the Prime Minister of Morocco for promoting India Morocco Relations. His delegation visited Casablanca, Oujda, Rabat and met with the Minister of Energy, Prime Minister and the Industry Minister in Morocco. They signed MOUs for cultural cooperation and Solar training program between the two countries. Later during the same year, a delegation from Morocco led by a woman minister Thay Thay visited India and had participated in the women conclave.

Dr Asif led the delegation to the International Trade Export Development Forum 2017 in Budapest Hungary and was responsible in bridging the export gap requirements for Indian exporters and to promote Make in India program. During the same year, he accompanied External Affairs Minister of India MJ Akbar to Latvia and participated in the Make in India conclave which was organised by the Indian Embassy in Sweden that is accredited to Latvia. Dr Asif led the Nobel Prize delegation to Stockholm and Norway to invite various Nobel Prize winners to participate in Academic development of Indian students and was part of the organising committee of the Nobel Fashion Week in Sweden. He signed MOU with the trade community in Sweden for the collaboration of Aviation and defence training programs.

Dr Asif led the delegation to France at the Nuclear Energy Conference to explore opportunities for Indian students in the field of Knowledge exchange transfer programs for Indian students in emerging opportunities in Nuclear Energy. He held discussions with Accenture UK to collaborate on the Blockchain technology platform for Nuclear energy programs. He also discussed opportunities for the India France Nuclear program ITER in Jaitapur. He works closely with big nuclear companies in Japan and Turkey.

Dr Asif visited Israel along with the Chief Minister of Karnataka State and the Agriculture Minister and the Members of Legislative assembly. During this time they signed MOUs with various stakeholders and consultants in Milk Industry, Livestock and Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture. He led a few other delegations to Israel in Defense, Cybersecurity and AgroPark in collaboration with Favorich Food park in Israel. Dr Asif was a part of the delegation along with Mr. Sunil Mittal, Shobana Kamineni, Prakash Hinduja, Naushad Forbes, Ram Madhav and a host of other Indian business CEO’s.

Dr Asif led the delegation to Portugal, Namibia, Milan, Armenia, Spain and concluded various high-level consultations for effective bilateral relations. He has been awarded the Diploma by the President of Bulgaria Ruman Radev for promoting relations between the two countries. He led a business delegation headed by the President of Republic of India Shri. Ramnath Kovind. He is a member of the Academic Council in the Mahatma Gandhi University in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and which was initiated during the visit of the president. He collaborated with the New Buyona Studios in Bulgaria for the production and shoot of Brahmastra, a Bollywood movie with leading actors. He has successfully conducted the Asian Arab Awards 2019 in May 2019 in Hyderabad India , A round table conference that was attended by more than 130 international delegates and which was a successful synergy collaboration between the two regions where Bahrain was a partner country along with Morocco, UAE, Nepal, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and 23 other countries.

He organized the India Resilience Summit 2019 in March 30 in Hyderabad and this event witnessed various subjects like Security, Education, Health, Innovation, Gender Resilience among some areas of Panel discussions.

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Dr Asif Iqbal , President of Public policy Forum of Beyt Nahrin Mesopotamian Academy of sciences and Arts at Paris Peace Forum

The challenges the World faces—climate change, terrorism, migration, cyber insecurity and the like—ignore borders. Addressing them requires international cooperation and collective action. However, collaboration is increasingly difficult as countries are turning inward. Today, the international community fails at producing the needed solutions. PPF and IETO Delegation participated in the forum and interacted with various heads of states and other ministerial representations in Paris.

Dr Asif Iqbal with Vice President of the European Commission

Dr Asif Iqbal with Ambassador Riho Kruuv of Estonia

President of Republic of Bulgaria Ramon Radev presenting the Diploma to Dr. Asif Iqbal, President of the Public Policy forum of Beyt Nahrin Mesopotamian Academy of Sciences and Arts and President of IETO in india for his immense contribution to India Bulgaria Trade Relations.

Beyt Nahrin Mesopotamian Academy Public Forum Delegation visited Namibia in February 2020

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Diplomatist
A Journal of IETO and Public Policy Forum (PPF)

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