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Eminent artist Mr. Manav Gupta was awarded
Eminent artist Mr. Manav Gupta was awarded the Honoris Causa or his pioneering innovations in public art for sustainable development and climate change.
Refugee Olympic Team 2022
They are the tales of impoverished people worldwide, not just refugees..
Short Film E-Festival 2021
Beyt Nahrin Mesopotamian Academy of Arts and Sciences Short Film E-Festival 15—24 July 2021..
Community Development for Refugees and Immigrant Children
BEN MAAS regularly undertakes and participates in cross-cultural and interfaith social activities, fundraising..
Cultural and Social Activities
BEN MAAS organize and take part in events celebrating diversity, supporting education and social activities for refugees..
Youth Sports Activities
BEN MAAS sponsors and organises multi sports youth activities, including sponsoring community football for refugees.
Health Awareness Workshops and Health Education for Refugees In Turkey
Providing medical and health advice, awareness and Education. Workshops are conducted by BEN MAAS through its partner organizations.
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